Why Shared Hosting Is Best For beginners And New Websites?

Nowadays, Choosing a web hosting is more difficult than buying web hosting. Most of the beginners are confused, which hosting they should buy?

The answer is short and simple. Shared hosting is the best choice for beginners as well as new websites.

Best hosting for beginners and new comers

You must be thinking, there are other options available like Cloud, VPS, and dedicated servers. Their performance is far better than shared ones. Still, why shared hosting is idle for beginners?

Folks, In today's post I have covered this topic. To clear all your doubt's stick to this article.

    Best Hosting For Beginners - Shared Hosting

    For new bloggers and site creators,

    It is highly recommended to go with a shared hosting plan which is reliable, reputable as well as affordable.

    The majority of newcomers search for free hosting. You shouldn't use free hosting as they come with lots of limitations and technical issues. Second, you won't be getting any support or help if something wrong happens with your site. At last, you will end up losing your site and data.

    So, why use shared hosting?

    In technical terms, web hosting is divided into five major categories. i.e. shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated, and reseller. One can classify them as Linux or windows.

    For any WordPress site/blog, always use Linux hosting.

    When you are building it for the first time, shared hosting is the best choice. By opting for this option you will save money. Plus, you will get unlimited resources for your site which meets all your requirements. However, VPS and dedicated ones are costly and are more than enough for beginners.

    Not only that, but private servers also come with great responsibility. You will have to manage your servers on your own. For which you need technical knowledge. Or if you hire someone then it will cost you even more. Now, you must check these 3 things before you purchase shared web hosting.

    As per my knowledge, no one wants to spend their money like that. So, it is highly recommended to start with shared hosting in your Internet carrier. Later you can upgrade as per your site requirements.

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    Shared Hosting Pros And Cons

    Advantages Of Using Shared Hosting

    • It's easily available and affordable. Anyone can get one with a minimum budget of around $3/Month.
    • If you choose a trusted and reputable company, you get awesome support and unlimited resources which is almost the same for the VPS and dedicated ones.

    Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

    • You need to upgrade your plan, If your sites become popular, As it will start getting down.
    • Sometimes high traffic makes your site slow and down. That's why such hosting is suitable for new bloggers/websites only.

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