MUST Check 3 Things Before Purchasing Shared Web Hosting

Creating a website or blog is just a matter of a few clicks these days. With shared hosting, it becomes more affordable.
Shared hosting is the idlest choice for newcomers. In today's post, you will find what are the top 3 things you must check before you buy any shared hosting.

Things to check Before Purchasing Shared Web Hosting

Normally, web hosting is of four types, shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated. Each runs on different hardware. Their performance depends on the resource they use. In all these, shared hosting is the cheapest one. You can get one with a minimum budget of $3/months.

    3 Things To Check Before Buying Shared Hosting

    Before purchasing shared web hosting you must check whether you are getting
    • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage Space
    • Better Reliability and Security
    • Fast Customer Support And Service
    Why take these 3 as the most important factors in shared hosting? For what you should look inside them? And where you can find such a company providing all these things at a single platform? Let's discuss it in little detail.

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    Unlimited Bandwidth And Storage Space

    Every website needs some space to store all file site and data. If you are looking for shared hosting, keep in mind that you will get a certain amount of space only. For new blogs, it is a good option. Until you are planning for something big.
    Bandwidth is another most important factor to look at. It is actually a certain amount of data consumed when someone visits your site. In shared hosting, it comes with a limitation. If you cross the limits your site will start getting slow and you will notice the increase in downtime.
    So, while searching for shared hosting make sure to choose a plan with unlimited storage space and bandwidths only.

    Better Reliability And Security

    Who doesn't need security? Security is the most underrated thing in an online carrier. more than 33% of blogs are powered by WordPress. You can't take security as a joke.
    It is in your interest to choose a reliable hosting with a good reputation.
    However, I have found Hostgator doing awesome work to improve the security service for its users.

    Customer Support And Service

    Whether you are a beginner or professional you are going to face some technical issues. In case, your host provider and doesn't provide fast support. Then, you have to face lots of difficulties to solve that.
    Live chat and direct phone calls are the best way to contact your hosting provider. For my site, I use to chat. They are always online to help me out.
    Again, make sure to opt for hosting companies with fast customer support.

    Wrapping Up

    We also recommend shared hosting to beginners who just want to start their own website for the following reasons:

    1. Shared hosting cost less than the dedicated and VPS ones.
    2. Most of the new startups and organizations are handled by shared hosting.
    3. Most of the companies give free domain while when you buy shared hosting. This reduces your initial cost and saves your money.
    I know that most of the noobs are short on budget. Just for this reason, it is better to start with shared plans which start as low as 2.75$/m to 15$/m rather than starting with 20$/m to $200/m on managed servers.

    By now, You must be thinking where you can find a reputable company that gives unlimited bandwidth, storage, and fast customer support.
    Honestly, all these resources are provided by most of the companies but many are failed to give such service.
    So, Which one to choose?
    You can start with SiteGround or Hostgator. They are one of the top companies. If you are hearing about then for the first time, then make sure to read their reviews first.


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