What Is SSD Storage In Web Hosting? Which Company Gives It Free?

There are top hosting companies that provide SSD storage to their customers. Is it good for your site? Should you take it or not? Which hosting company gives fast SSD storage? Today, I will clear all these doubts in this post.

There is no doubt shared hosting is best for beginners. But, you should also check whether you are getting SSD or HDD servers. So, let's get deeper into it.

    What is SSD Storage In Web Hosting?

    SSD Storage In Web Hosting

    SSD stands for Solid-state drive. It is an advanced form of storage used in place of regular HDD.
    For any storage, we normally use HDD which is enough to store data. But, when it comes to processing, HDD performs slower than SSD. The same thing applied in web hosting too.
    If your site data is stored in SSD servers then it will process faster compared to others. Using SSD for web storage will improve your server response time. And your site will load faster.

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    Pros And Cons Of Using SSD Storage

    • Improves site load time.
    • SSD keeps your data safe. Even after getting crashed.
    • As it has less moving parts, It reads and writes much faster than traditional hard disk.
    • Price is a little high than regular.
    • No other cons.

    Which Company Provides Hosting With SSD Storage?

    SSD storage in web hosting is common nowadays. Every big host ready to provide this service. But they charge an additional fee for that.
    Now, You must be thinking about where can you get one which is cheap and comes under your hosting price.
    So, introducing Bluehost.

    bluehost ssd with shared hosting

    You will be surprised to know that Bluehost provide SSD Storage feature in their shared hosting plans. Which starts at $3.75/m. And $2.75/m with offers.
    Want to know more Bluehost? Read Bluehost review here.

    And there are other companies like SiteGround, Hostgator and IPage, etc. They also provide but SSD storage option but you have to pay extra use this feature.

    Wrapping Up

    Hope, I have cleared your doubt regarding SSD storage in terms of web hosting. 
    Add an SSD to your site makes it more powerful.
    Should you use it on your site?
    Yes, definitely use it. And with Bluehost, you are getting 50 GB SSD Storage for free. Also, you must check these three things before you purchase any shared hosting.


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